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BMW Group is focusing on sustainable development for its future

BMW Group is focusing on sustainable development for its future

The BMW Group announces that it has started a program adaptation of your purchasing department. The company’s goal is to adapt company activities to the evolution of electro-mobility by establishing new sustainability standards over the next few years. In particular, the BMW Group is aiming for the Sustainable Development to support the growth of electric mobility in the near future.

The importance of sustainability for the future of the BMW Group

The BMW Group purchasing department is adapting to what is the evolution of electro mobility. The expansion of electric mobility, in fact, makes the creation of value in the network of suppliers increasingly important. This is a fundamental aspect, both as regards the containment of CO2 emissions and for the supply of essential raw materials, such as the components for the production of batteries.

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The BMW Group’s goal is to reach a share seven million electrified vehicles by 2030. About 2/3 of these cars will be fully electric. In recent months, therefore, the BMW Group is making sure it can count on one supply chain capable of handling such high volumes. At the same time, the company aims to create a supply network capable of guaranteeing sustainable development.

The words of BMW

Andreas Wendt, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG and Head of Purchasing and Supplier Network, comments: “We believe that sustainability is an integral part of all purchasing activities. We are responding to the planned growth of electrified vehicles within the supplier network and at the same time we are integrating our sustainability requirements into all contract awards. In this way, we take sustainable development to the next level. In particular, as a premium manufacturer, we aspire to be at the forefront of sustainability and to take responsibility “