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BMW Group: Company bonuses reward environmental sustainability

BMW Group: Company bonuses reward environmental sustainability

BMW Group has decided to place the sustainability at the heart of corporate strategy. The Chairman of the Board of Directors Oliver Zipse today announced the environmental goals that the company took fixed by 2030. And on these goals it will also judge the work (and the relative bonus) of the executives.

BMW Group: Sustainability Goal

The goal of emission reductions that the company wants to achieve allows one reduction of over 40 million tons of CO2 for the fleet of 2.5 million vehicles that the company produces every year. A third less in the entire life spectrum of the vehicle, from the procurement of raw materials to the end of use. BMW Group from next year will publish its financial data in a integrated report which also includes sustainability objectives.

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The company has set these goals under the Science-Based Targets Initiative. And it’s not just about manufacturing. BMW supplies itself with 100% sustainable energy starting this year and aiming for reduce emissions from their offices by 80%. In addition, the company offsets the remaining CO2 emissions with appropriate certificates.

BMW Group also plans to put it on the road seven million electrified vehicles within the next ten yearsabout two thirds of which with fully electric propulsion. By the end of 2021, the company will supply five all-electric products: BMW i3, MINI Cooper SE, BMW iX3, BMW iNEXT and BMW i4. By 2025, the number of electrified models available will rise to 25.

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Another effort that the company is making concerns thecircular economy. According to Zipse the vehicles must be 95% recyclable. Also for the batteries of electrified vehicles, the BMW Group thinks about sustainability and wants them to be 96% recyclable (the EU demand is 50%).

Finally, the BMW Group’s commitment to sustainability also includes information technology. With the blockchain technology aim to track and verify the global flows of goods. To get to control the production chain from the mine to the road.