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BMW Bank announces Why-Buy Evo operating lease

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BMW Bank announces Why-Buy Evo operating lease

Why-Buy Evo is the new company platform for operating leasing of BMW Bank. Designed for those who want to lease a car without buying it at the end of the contract, this series of packages offers complete services at easy to understand fees. Integrate this way Why-Buywhich instead leaves the possibility of purchasing the contract at the end of the contract.

BMW Bank launches Why-Buy Evo

“Today we are witnessing a market trend that is moving towards concepts of use rather than ownership, to which is added the uncertainty about the future linked to the particular historical period we are experiencing. It is therefore increasingly important for the customer to plan a certain cost of use and done in a constant and predictable manner. This is the reason why WHY-BUY EVO was born, a product that makes ease, modularity and flexibility its strengths “.

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These are the words with which the CEO of BMW Bank Italia Enrico Mascetti summarizes the intentions behind this new operating leasing service. Why-Buy Evo is simple because it provides for a single fee that includes everything, chosen according to the service packages chosen. Modular because these packages are increasing in intensity e flexible because you can get advances and customize durations and mileage.

All packages include RCA, road tax, routine maintenance and assistance. There are also three increasing levels based on customer needs.

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BMW Bank’s new operating lease will appeal to both private who use the vehicle a lot or intend to replace it often, both ai business and corporate clients who only need to use the vehicle without having to deal with the subsequent resale.

The Why-Buy Evo offer is available for all models in the BMW rangeincluding the X5 and the new BMW 5 Series. Together with the rest of the BMW Bank portfolio, this offering pays off simple and convenient to drive on lease.