Bloomberg Radio is now available on Apple Music in over 100 countries

A few hours ago Apple Music was already available in Israel, a country where until today it was still not available due to the typical problems with the rights of local artists and groups, which, like in other countries like South Korea, are mostly not grouped into associations, so the process is much slower than usual. But this is not the only news related to Apple Music that we show you today. Bloomberg Radio has reached an agreement with Apple Music to offer its reports, analyzes and relevant news from the financial world via the streaming music service from Apple, a service already available in 110 countries.

The programming of this radio also offers interviews with personalities from the financial world, as well as managers of the main companies. During the day, Bloomberg broadcasts around twenty interviews liveso lovers of the financial world with knowledge of English can now complete their financial information wherever they are.

Until now, very few radio stations supported Bloomberg Radio, a service active 24 hours a day and those who did so only offered their broadcast in AM. Additionally, it is also available through cable payment services. Although most of the content offered is in English, Bloomberg has no plans to broadcast in other languages.

It's clear that Apple Music is the ideal service to extend certain radio services internationallyas is the case with Bloomberg, but taking into account that all the information is only published in English, the firm must have already done the figures to be able to reach an agreement with Apple internationally.

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