BlackBerry opens autonomous vehicle lab in Canada

BlackBerry wasn't dead, it was just partying, or so it would seem according to the latest information that has just reached the geek sphere. It appears that the company has just opened a new research center in the Canadian capital with the intention of delving much deeper into the subject of self-driving cars.. Tesla's strategy of popularizing an autonomous driving system has gone deep, so much so that it seems to be the future of driving, making our roads safer and causing fewer accidents, at least due to 'a human error.

Since 2010, it seems that BlackBerry has been investing in autonomous driving, all after its acquisition by QNX. This company develops software found in many vehicles, particularly industrial ones, since it is focused on fleets. In fact, they are partly to blame for BlackBerry OS 10. This new information about the research center they located in Ottawa has reached Reuters headquarters, so we could consider it much more than a rumor, practically a do.

The company will use Lincoln-branded vehicles to test the hardware and software that would make them autonomous outdoors. BlackBerry is one of three companies that have received permission from the Canadian government to test their autonomous vehicles on public roadsUnlike what Uber recently did, which was caught testing self-driving cars on public roads without permission, just when their vehicle caused an accident.

Google is another of the companies that benefit from this green light from the Canadian government and tests autonomous cars on the roads of the North American country. The countdown to traditional driving has begun, it's only a matter of time before they populate our roads.

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