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Black Mirror, the future in a TV series – Why watch it?

Black Mirror, the future in a TV series – Why watch it?

Black Mirror is a TV series strange, particular and, in a sense, real. The series, available on the Netflix platform, shows us how much the technology is now an indispensable part of our life: everything we do is technology. Let’s find out together why you should watch this anthology TV series able to open the eyes and, at the same time, to fascinate the public.

Black Mirror, the plot: Why watch it?

Black Mirror is a British TV series produced by Charlie Brooker for Endemol. It’s a anthological seriesthat is a product in which scenarios, plots And personages they change in every episode. Each episode offers the audience one story in itselfwith unique characters And different problems. The meeting point in each episode is there technologyits advantages and also the side effects it can cause.

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The TV series is set in a near future but actually, is inspired by today’s world. The whole series tells us about the problems people face every day, topical issues and what they face when it comes to new technologies. In particular, i media fieldsi social and thehabituation of people towards them.

Initially the series aired on Channel 4, it was later bought by Netflix and the third season onwards Black Mirror aired on this streaming platform. Let’s find out now why you should all watch it.

A shocking and realistic series

Before starting, we want to underline this thing: not all episodes will be able to convince you. As an anthology TV series, with episodes featuring different plots and characters, it is quite normal that some you will like while others you will not.

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The interesting thing is that there will be some episodes that capture you less than othersthese will always and in any case succeed in upset you. Black Mirror is like this: it’s a TV series ingeniousthat dig deep into technology and highlights his own merits and, above all, his own defects.

Another particular aspect is that we are not only talking about technology but we tend to make evidentin each episode, how it manages to destabilize society ei human feelings. It shows us how much people are affected from every technological aspect, be it a new invention or a paradoxical but realistic idea. All this, in the end, is what happens in our society and the creators of Black Mirror highlight it very well.

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The way the TV series tells us about technology, its features and the problems it entails, is as scary as it is realistic. Scary precisely because it represents reality in his more brutal look. At the same time, however, it turns out to be a TV series marvelouscapable of upsetting – both positively and negatively – the public.

At the end of each episode you will be shocked, open-mouthed, amazed, incredulous at what you have just seen. Is exactly this feeling of duality that makes the series an incredible product.

We are shocked by what we have seen and the first thought could be negative, which is: “Come on, something like this could never happen”. Our brain, however, at that precise moment begins to fantasize and it is impossible not to ask ourselves: “What if it really happened?”

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The strength of Black Mirror lies in pushing the viewer to reflect on what has just been shown. She does it in a hard, brutal and direct way.

A diverse cast and captivating stories

Another element that the creators have played a lot on is the cast. Being an anthological TV series, the creators of Black Mirror necessarily had to find different actors for each episode. This particular allowed them to making each episode unique, with well-known actors and actresses. Sometimes you don’t think much about this detail but offer it to the public famous people who already have known in other movies or TV series, it’s a great way to earn their trust.

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If, in addition to them, he is also offered a noteworthy episodecharacterized by a captivating plot And uncommonthen the public can be satisfied.

Black Mirror not only boasts a varied cast with known characters such as Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, Jason Flemyng, Jon Hamm, Natalia Tena and many others, but also offers amazing stories. Each episode of the five seasons currently available, are small masterpieces. This is true for every episode, even those that fail to capture our attention.

The genius of the writers is nothing short of surprising. Even in the less popular episodes, the viewer’s attention will always remain high and pay attention to what happens. There are no episodes that bore the public and, in all likelihood, it will remain glued to the screen from start to finish.

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Black Mirror is one roller coaster of emotions. Whether they are positive or negative, we will make the most of them and this is another of his strengths.

An interactive film that will make you doubt everything

The genius of Black Mirror is beyond imagination. The TV series has been so successful over the years that the creators have released Bandersnatch, an interactive film inspired by the series requested by Netflix himself. The peculiarity of this film is precisely that it is interactive: it is indeed the viewer who makes the decisions for the protagonist.

During the film there will be occasions when one will appear time bar And two options: you, with the remote control, will have to choose the one you prefer within the set time. The protagonist is a young programmer named Stefan Butler who in 1984 is creating a video game inspired by a interactive novel.

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This film is a small masterpiece. The creators have done an incredible job, offering the audience a movie with an average length of 90 minutes which, however, can also become of 40 minutesif you are fast, or by two and a half hours if you make more challenging choices.

Another extraordinary aspect is the fact that this film offers the audience well five different endings, each of which has different characteristics and variants. According to one of the producers, Bandersnatch actually owns more than five finals and it also features various Easter Eggs that only the most attentive viewers will be able to notice.

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Furthermore, Bandersnatch is characterized by a engaging storyline And intriguingin which the viewer really feels an integral part of the story. This happens because the viewer has to make most of the decisions and every little consequence makes him, then, responsible for what happens in the film.

It is a product incredible, confusing but ingenious. We do not believe there are other adjectives to describe a similar TV series.

So why watch Black Mirror?

Describe Black Mirror it’s not easy at all. Or it is, but we would need to an infinity of adjectives. This TV series is anxious, brilliant, all too realistic, fascinating, unique, terrifying. Some episodes may conquer you, others terrify you and still others you may not like at all.

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The sure thing is that Black Mirror is a product that deserves to be seen by anyone, without distinction. It is a TV series capable of striking deep: sometimes it does it gently, others it does it hard. However, it shows itself without masks, sincere And direct. It’s a TV series that makes you think a lotperhaps too much.

If you love complicated products but full of charm, with a bit of science fiction and with technology as the undisputed protagonist, then it’s for you. If you don’t like this genre, just the same for you. Try it and then you will let us know.

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To conclude, we remind you that you can watch the TV series directly on the Netflix streaming platform.

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