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black friday ipad

black friday ipad

If during the month of September you have not been able to renew your old iPad, because you have gone out of the budget during the holidays, Black Friday is the best time of year to renew itespecially now that the range is wider than ever.

This year the Black Friday starts on November 26although from Monday the 22nd and until the following Monday the 29th of November, we will find offers of all kinds, not only to renew your iPad, but also to renew your iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods…

What iPad models are on sale on Black Friday

iPad Pro 2021

TOP Black Friday offer

2021 Apple iPad Pro (from…

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2021 Apple iPad Pro…

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In May of this same yearApple renewed the iPad Pro range, the Apple iPad with the most features on the market and that is managed by the same processor that we can find in the MacBook Air, the M1.

It has been 6 months since its presentation and for a few months, we have already been able to find interesting offers both the 12.9-inch model and the 11-inch model.

Surely during Black Friday neither of the two iPad Pro models will miss the discount party.

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iPad Pro 2020

2020 Apple iPad Pro…

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2020 Apple iPad Pro…

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With just over a year and a half on the market, the iPad Pro 2020 still a great option for users who can’t afford, or aren’t willing to, pay for this year’s new generation.

At Amazon we can still find iPad Pro models from 2020, especially the 11-inch model at very interesting prices.

Although the 2020 12.9-inch iPad Pro does not have as much presence, surely the merchants will take advantage of Black Friday to dispose of available stock.

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iPad Air

Apple iPad Air 3 (2019)…

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TOP Black Friday offer

Apple iPad Air 2 64GB…

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Apple iPad Air 2 16GB…

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With more than a year on the market and with a design similar to the 11-inch iPad Pro, we have the iPad Air, a tablet that throughout this year has received interesting discountsso it will surely not miss Black Friday.

iPad 2021

TOP Black Friday offer

2021 Apple iPad (from…

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The ninth-generation iPad has been on the market for just over a month, so do not expect to find any offer of the input iPad. We will have to wait for the next few months for this model to lower its price somewhat.

iPad mini 2021

TOP Black Friday offer

2021 Apple iPad mini (from…

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With the 2021 iPad mini you have received the design update that many users were waiting for with the consequent increase in price.

This model, like the ninth-generation iPad, has been on the market for just over a month, so you can forget about yourself to find a discount during Black Friday.

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Why it’s worth buying an iPad on Black Friday

It goes without saying that the Black Friday is the best time of the year to not only do Christmas shopping, but also to renew any electronic device that we have at home.

All companies get most of the sales revenue in the last quarter of the yearbeing Black Friday one of the most important days, along with Christmas, although this is the worst time to buy due to the increase in prices experienced by all products.

How much do iPads usually go on sale on Black Friday?

Both the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2021 and the 11-inch model can be found in some stores with a maximum discount of 10%, although sometimes it only stays at 5%. Considering what they cost, it is a significant savings.

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The 2020 iPad Pro model, in its two versions, if we know how to search well, we can find up to a few discounts of 15-17%becoming interesting options to consider.

Regarding the ninth-generation iPad and the iPad mini, both with just over a month on the market, do not expect to find neither big nor small discounts. The eighth-generation iPad is likely to be discounted by 10-15%.

The iPad Air, arrived on the market in 2020, and for several months, we have found it on Amazon with discounts of about 100 euros for the input version. With a little luck, for Black Friday it is likely to be found with a greater discount.

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How long is Black Friday on iPads?

On Black Friday 2021, like every year, It is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving. which is celebrated in the United States. This day falls on November 25.

A day later, the November 26is when Black Friday officially begins, from 0:01 to 23:59.

However, so that the most clueless do not miss the interesting discounts on this day, from Monday, November 22 to the following Monday, November 29 (Cyber ​​Monday), we will find offers of all kinds.

Where to find iPad deals on Black Friday

Apple has been several years going crazy with black fridayso do not expect to visit their stores or their online website to find some type of offer.

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If you want to take advantage of this day and save money that always comes in handy to spend on other things, you should trust amazon, The English Court, mediamarkt, K Tuin, magnificent


Apple makes available to all Amazon users each and every one of the products it distributes through its physical and online stores, but at lower prices in most cases.

As Apple is behind the entire catalog of Apple products available on Amazon, we are going to enjoy the same guarantee that we can have if we buy directly from Apple.


In recent years, Mediamarkt is betting very heavily on Apple productsespecially during Black Friday, so we can’t help but take a look at all the offers they publish.

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The English Court

Either through its website or by visiting one of the different centers that it has throughout Spain, El Corte Inglés will also have prepared interesting discounts during Black Friday.

K Tuin

The K-Tuin store is specializes only in Apple productsa store that is present in cities where Apple does not have a physical presence.

With Black Friday they offer important discounts in all their products, so it never hurts to visit them during this day.


Magnificent has become the K-Tuin of the internet in recent years, since it specializes mainly in products and accessories for Apple devices.

Every year with Black Friday, they offer interesting discounts and promotional offers that we will not be able to let go.