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Black Friday gets in gear: discounted cars on Brumbrum

Black Friday gets in gear: discounted cars on Brumbrum

There are more and more Italian eCommerce companies that join the Black Fridaywith lots of offers from any kind during the whole period. The anniversary, linked to the day of Thanksgiving in the United States, it is no longer just a prerogative of the American market. Brumbrum, the first direct online car dealer of Italyfor the Black Friday weekend will offer various discounts for its long-term rental cars for individuals.

What models will be on offer?

The long-term rental for individuals is a valid alternative for those who want a new caravoiding the thoughts related to bureaucracy and maintenance. During the Black Friday weekend they will be five the cars on offer on brumbrum that can be rented:

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In the week leading up to Black Friday, Brumbrum asked its users what car they would have wanted to rent with a lower rent. The most requested car was the Fiat 500Xwhich is why it was decided to propose the Fiat crossover a a super advantageous price.

Brumbrum… and Go!

Through a fixed monthly fee each customer can comfortably enjoy their new car and the numerous services included in the price. The proposals will be visible on the web page dedicated to Brumbrum Black Friday Offers.

The offers will be online from 12:00 on 28 November 2019 to 15:00 on 2 December 2019. The offer will be valid while stocks last.

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During the Black Friday weekend, as well as throughout the rest of the yearit will be available to rent the cars even with zero advance, with the possibility of customize the installment of the fee according to your needs.

Long-term rental for private individuals is the perfect solution for those who just want to always drive a new car, paying a fixed installment every month including road tax, insurance and routine maintenance. In addition, 100,000 km e are included with the rental of brumbrum home delivery.