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Black Friday explained well

Black Friday explained well

And so tomorrow is Black Friday.

And since we have all been waiting for it for months, and for several days now a large number of physical and online stores have already started the discounts, it happens that we will arrive on Friday 26 November partially disappointed.

We will feel a bit like, do you remember ?, in The Saturday of the village, that wonderful poem by Leopardi that explains so well how happiness lies in the expectation of an event and not in its consummation.

Nevertheless, Black Friday is an increasingly popular appointment, it moves crazy numbers, often leads to compulsively buying what we could very well have done without. Or it makes us discover that that discount heralded as unrepeatable was the same one that that shop did last May and will do next February.

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What is Black Friday then? Why is it becoming something like a collective psychosis, to the point that the discount Friday has moved on to the week of Black Friday, with the whole court of previews, postponements and related discount days?

Let’s go in order.

What is Black Friday

Black Friday, or Black Friday, was born in the United States in 1924, although it will have widespread diffusion only starting from the 1980s.. It is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November.

And if Thanksgiving Day is the Christian holiday as a sign of gratitude to God for the abundance of the harvest, then Black Friday is – we could say – the feast of the abundance of the superfluous. With Black Friday, in fact, the Christmas shopping season symbolically opens. And the shops, today also (if not above all) the online ones, favor purchases with strong discount campaigns. As well as, sometimes, extending the opening hours in the case of physical stores.

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Why is it called that

Once you have discovered what Black Friday is, the inevitable question: why is it called that? It seems that the name, not really auspicious, was born in Philadelphia, due to the traffic congestion caused by the rush to buy compulsively..

Another suggestive hypothesis: merchants, thanks to Black Friday, no longer recorded their accounting books with the color red (used for losses) but with black (used for gains).

Instead, it is an urban legend that the rumor that Black Friday has its origin in the fact that on that day slaves were sold at a reduced price.

The numbers of Black Friday

The Net is teeming with research on the past editions of Black Friday and projections for 2021.

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Among the various estimates, let’s take that of the B2c eCommerce Observatory of Netcomm and Politecnico di Milano, which concerns only our country.

Well, for Black Friday 2021, Italians, as regards only and exclusively e-commerce, it is assumed that they will spend around 1.8 billion euros, 20% more than in 2020.

This figure gives a good indication of what Black Friday means globally.

Cyber ​​Monday and the other Black Friday cousins

The phenomenon of Black Friday, which is constantly on the rise, has given rise to a series of collateral initiatives. Meanwhile, the big e-commerce companies are expanding the discount period, to the point that many of them now speak openly about “Black Friday Week”. And then, ad hoc days have been set up, the most famous of which is Cyber ​​Monday, that is the Monday of discounts immediately following Black Friday. It was born in 2005, is reserved for online purchases and mainly focuses on electronics products.

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More and more American stores, then, are adopting Gray Thursday, or the opening of the shops in the night between Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

And we leave out all the discount campaigns, each with its own name according to the e-commerce where it is established, which now accompany us for the whole year.

In short, the illusion is that of always being able to shop at privileged prices.

Black Friday between desire and reality

Let’s be clear: for those who really intend to buy a certain product, on Black Friday you can often find really good discounts, as we have reported.

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But then, unfortunately, there is the downside of the date. Fighting (among adults) to grab the latest washing machine, computer fraud to lure the most naïve, fake discounts calculated on inflated prices …

But above all, in a more general and profound sense, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to fall into the induced purchase. In other words, in the purchase of an asset that in reality we could have done without, but which we felt the need to buy because… Yes, why?

For at least two reasons. Because without that model of smartphone or true wireless earbuds for jogging, I feel left out. Or because that object at that price, well: when does it happen again?

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What to say? Technology is beautiful, comfortable, fascinating. Who knows better than us, the editors and readers of Techprincess? Of course: it is also true that an adult, Freud said, should have made the transition from the pleasure principle to the reality principle.. The first is characteristic of children, who demand the immediate satisfaction of their every desire. With the second you should have learned to wait, to know your real needs. And above all, one should be able to accept the instantaneous non-fulfillment.

But, sorry, now I have to go: I would not like not to find the lower cost tablet that I have been looking for for months.