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Black Friday Dreame: cordless vacuum cleaner and cleaning robot on sale

Black Friday Dreame: cordless vacuum cleaner and cleaning robot on sale

If you were waiting for Black Friday to buy a new one cordless vacuum cleaner or a cleaning robot, you did well. Indeed, the products Dreame are on sale and it is the perfect opportunity to win quality devices at affordable prices. Don’t know the brand yet? Dreame is a Xiaomi Ecosystem company that develops high-end technological cleaning appliances, paying attention to quality and innovation.

Dreame’s workhorses are cordless vacuum cleaners and cleaning robots, two of the most used tools for home care today. The company’s goal is to create functional, powerful and performing products, to clean with less effort and flawlessly.

Dreame products

If you are looking for a product that allows you to save time and without sacrificing cleanliness, then you really need to take advantage of the Black Friday discounts and take home the device that best suits your needs.

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The Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner

Among the discounted models is the cordless vacuum cleaner Dreame T20, equipped with aircraft-grade engineering to ensure all the power needed to vacuum up dirt and dust. Its multiple filtration systems capture dust and trap it with near flawless effectiveness, releasing fresh, clean air throughout the home. No more worrying about bulky wire, with a full charge, the Dreame T20 is capable of running for 70 minutes in standard mode, 30 minutes in deep clean mode, 8 minutes in full power mode. With the discounts you can have it at 279 euros.

An anti-mite vacuum cleaner

Also Dreame T10 is on offer this Black Friday. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner that guarantees the removal of mites up to 99.9% thanks to the HEPA filter. In fact, Dreame T10 is equipped with a special brush designed to clean towels, carpets, kennels, pillows and duvets, as it allows you to deeply clean the fabrics to remove even the most stubborn dirt, dust. Cleaning the car in an effective but delicate way is also to be exploited. It only costs 259 euros.

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The Dreame T30

We also want to talk to you about Dreame T30. This cordless vacuum cleaner has the same technologies as previous models, but with more power. In fact, it can generate up to 190 AW of power and 27Kpa of suction power. In addition, the vacuum cleaner’s intelligent automatic mode adjusts the vacuum level on different types of floors, saving battery. It is the perfect vacuum cleaner for those with pets, thanks to the tangle-free brush that removes any hair before it wraps. Discounted by 100 euros, you can find it at 359.99 euros.

The lightest Dreame vacuum cleaner

The cordless vacuum cleaner Dreame P10 it is one of the lightest models thanks to the ultralight Dreame SPACE Air motor, which can generate up to 20Kpa of suction power. It has a very long-lasting battery, up to 50 minutes of suction in Eco mode, it is also equipped with an intelligent filtering system which ensures that the air in the house is cleaner and healthier. With Black Friday you can buy it for 219.99 euros.

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The Dreame L10 PRO cleaning robots

Dreame cleaning robots are self-contained and clean with precision. On sale at 325.99 euroswe find the model L10 PRO. With the navigation system Lidar maps the environment and identifies the obstacles using a laser scanner with camera. Strong suction easily lifts dust, pet hair from floors and carpets, simultaneously dry and wet cleaning. This way you will have more free time and a very clean house.

Dreame Z10 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot Z10 PRO, with the emptying station. In fact, the appliance can clean without being emptied for up to 65 days. Dreame Bot Z10 Pro returns to the base station, where it is automatically emptied. Also equipped with laser navigation and obstacle detection, the Z10 Pro can store single maps up to three floors. Powerfully sucks up even the finest hair and dust, but most of all it is discounted at 415 euros.

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The cheapest 2-1 cleaning robot

If we told you that it is possible to have a cleaning robot that vacuums and cleans floors on its own 239 euros? The solution is Dreame D9. It has 3,000Pa ultra strong suction power and 4 suction modes, it not only sucks but cleans. Obviously, all three cleaning robots we told you about have the integrated Alexa system and can be controlled remotely.

Dreame’s Black Friday is truly the perfect opportunity to renew. Whether you prefer the cordless vacuum cleaner or the cleaning robot, you will not waste more time and have better results.