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Black Friday: countertrend. Italians want to shop in physical stores

Black Friday: countertrend. Italians want to shop in physical stores

Black Friday is back and Italians want to shop as usual: in physical stores. In fact, it emerges from a research by ShopFully, an Italian tech company that connects 30 million online consumers to over 250 thousand physical stores around them, that almost 75% of Italians plan to shop in traditional stores for the Black Friday 2021 edition. In addition, about 84% say they will search online for information on products and promotions that interest them, and then go to the store once they find the best deal.

Black Friday: the estimated budget and spending percentages

The estimated budget of about 65% of respondents to the research is up to € 200, while the remaining 35% foresees a higher expenditure, with as many as 8% declaring that they are willing to spend over € 500. Compared to last year, however, half of respondents (53%) say they will consider whether to spend more or less based on the promotions and offers they find.

  Black iPhone 7 concept, by Martin Hajek

Black Friday: the spending sectors

Among the product categories that Italians will pay more attention to are fashion, with 61% of preferences, followed by household appliances of all sizes, with 52%. In third place, practically tied, with 36% we find home care products and gaming items. There is also no shortage of personal care products, with 29%, do-it-yourself products, 14%, and articles for four-legged friends, with 12%.

The word to the experts

“We are approaching one of the hottest times of the year for shopping. Brands and retailers have to interface with an increasingly digitalized consumer, who seeks in the physical the additional services that digital can offer ” comments Marco Durante, ShopFully’s VP Sales & Marketing Italy. “In this context we can see how the research results highlight in an important way not only the desire to shop in physical stores, but the intention to find out online about the products and offers that brands and retailers will propose. Precisely for this reason it is of fundamental importance to preside over the digital channel in the right way, being present when consumers are looking for information to prepare for shopping and on the tool with which they do it most, namely the smartphone “.