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Black Friday and more: 7 tips for smart shopping

Black Friday and more: 7 tips for smart shopping

The most important time of the year for shopping is approaching, starting with the Black Friday and continues with Christmas shopping and winter sales. However, it shouldn’t just be a rush to find the best deals or how to avoid scams, but also the right opportunity to shop responsibly and intelligently.. With this goal in mind, the experts of Revolut, the super financial app with over 16 million customers worldwide and over 650,000 in Italy, have compiled a list of seven useful tips to help Italians make it a really “good” opportunity.

1. Give yourself a rule of what to buy

Probably this time you really need a new vacuum cleaner but not a new smartphone. You can then establish a list of what you need to purchase and try to stick to it. If possible, and according to the budget, extras can be added in case of unmissable offers. Password: try to be honest with yourself!

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2. Monitor prices in advance

Start looking for the prices of the products you would like to buy, in different stores and websites, before Black Friday begins. In this way it will be possible to see which discounts are truly unmissable and which purchases can be postponed, waiting for better offers. Keep in mind that sometimes the advertised discounts aren’t that exclusive!

3. Establish a budget and stick to it using a dedicated card

Once you have defined a list of products you need, decide on the budget to spend on Black Friday shopping and try to stick to it. It will be easier if you use a dedicated card and pay only with that. Revolut customers can create virtual and physical cards from their app and easily customize them even with a spending limit, to avoid exceeding their budget.

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4. Be far-sighted

Christmas is coming … and 2022 too! You can take advantage of Black Friday offers to buy gifts (luckily some websites also have a 60/100 day return policy) and something else too: a plan for next year and what to buy now to make it possible , with a discount coupon: that tent you might need to go camping next summer or a flight for a spring break.

5. Make yourself useful

In case of good online offers that might be of interest to “less digital” people, such as the elderly neighbor or an uncle, it might be very appreciated to let them know and ask if they need a hand to buy them. On Black Friday there are offers for just about everything and, for example, a supply of well-priced home goods could be highly appreciated by those with no idea where to look for it.

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6. Keep your payments safe

Disposable cards, such as those available on apps like Revolut, should be used every time you shop online, especially when you’re unsure of which website you’re buying from. This type of card can only be used once for online payments, before being destroyed and the number replaced. This makes it impossible for scammers to access the money, even if they get to know the details of the card. In addition, when you also buy in-store Apple Pay / Google Pay they add an extra layer of security: when making purchases with these methods, the merchant receives a unique encryption code and not the original card number.

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7. More discounts!

In some cases Black Friday discounts can be added to other discounts you might have, to get a higher final discount. To make the shopping experience even more fun and rewarding, Revolut offers Revolut Shopper, a browser extension that acts as a finder for deals and automatically finds and applies discount codes at the online store checkout, in case that retailer is one of the many partners of Revolut.

With the Revolut app, customers can create an account from their smartphone in minutes to spend and transfer money around the world, change currencies directly within the app, manage their money through spending categories and budget control , set aside loose change, donate to charity, invest in cryptocurrencies and more, with no hidden costs. Customers receive real-time notifications for each individual expense, they can customize their card and related features – for example, they can activate / deactivate different types of payment such as contactless, etc. – to increase security during online and in-store purchases. Revolut’s contactless cards use the Visa and MasterCard circuits, are accepted worldwide and can be used with Google Pay and Apple Pay.