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Black Desert Online: boom of users for the famous MMORPG

Black Desert Online: boom of users for the famous MMORPG

Pearl Abyss has just made it known that Black Desert Online is growing by 300% in terms of active users of the game, taking into account both new players and users who have recently returned to servers. This boom in activity was due in large part to the new events and promotions currently underway. The game now ranks first when it comes to MMORPGs on Steam.

Black Desert Online: boom in users thanks to new content

This is a great time for Black Desert Online, as online RPG has soared in first position in the Steam rankings for the most played MMORPGs. According to what was declared by the guys at Pearl Abyss, this result is the result of the combined efforts of the studio, which published a series of events and updates to revitalize the community.

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Recently in the game took place the Heidel Ball, a global community event seen by more than 500,000 users. As if the summer season of the game weren’t enough e the new class of the privateer were released simultaneously around the world, along with a new seven-day free trial for new users, which can be activated via the official website.

In addition, with the summer season, adventurers were able to quickly grow their characters thanks to specific bonuses. This year’s season server is comparatively easier to play thanks to the addition of one new series of easy level main missions.

Finally, Party Monster Zone is the new Season Character Transfer System allows you to transfer the status of a seasonal character and all experience gained in combat / skills. With this system it is possible to change the class of the seasonal character without any penalty, considerably streamlining the farming times in the process.