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Bitcoin outclasses Netflix and Tesla by ten-year yield

Bitcoin outclasses Netflix and Tesla by ten-year yield

Record figures for Bitcoin, which in the last ten years has recorded a return of 994.6K%. In fact, it is the most profitable investment of the decade, surpassing giants like Tesla, NVIDIA and Netflix.

Bitcoin is the most profitable investment of the decade

The volatility of the market, the low stability, the peaks and the speculations of Elon Musk. Regarding cryptocurrencies, everything has been said, for good and for bad. Today, however, an incredible figure arrives: Bitcoin has been the most profitable investment in the past decade. Numbers that pose it above numerous giants such as Tesla, NVIDIA and Netflix.

The news comes from an analysis reported by crypto-economy.com. The same portal also reports a tweet by Charlie Bilello, founder and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors, which confirms the data. Bilello has indeed confirmed that BTC, in the last decade, has shown a yield of 994.608%. Following are Tesla, NVIDIA, Netflix and Amazon.

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Total Returns over the last 10 Years …
Bitcoin $ BTC: + 994.608%
Tesla $ TSLA: + 15,200%
NVIDIA $ NVDA: + 6.053%
Netflix $ NFLX: + 2.337%
Amazon $ AMZN: + 1,427%
Microsoft $ MSFT: + 1,280%
Apple $ AAPL: + 1,112%
Google $ GOOGL: + 937%
S&P 500 $ SPY: + 344%
Bonds $ AGG: + 35%
Gold $ GLD: -6%
Next 10?

– Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) September 19, 2021

Is this still a good investment?

Okay, we know that ten years ago we would have made the investment of the century. But how to behave now? Is Bitcoin still a good investment? First of all, there is to analyze the market: in the crypto-economy.com article, it is noted that gold and other commodities are in sharp decline compared to the past (gold -6%). Investors, especially young people, are considering more innovative solutions, including cryptocurrencies.

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The winners are the dominant providers of technology -monetary, energy, computer, entertainment, retail, software, mobile, and information. The losers are diversified antiquated technology, fiat credit, and a box of rocks. #Bitcoin

– Michael Saylor⚡️ (@michael_saylor) September 19, 2021

Interesting in this regard is the answer of Michael Saylor, Founder and CEO of $ MSTR, to the aforementioned tweet from Bilello. In fact, Saylor points out that the truly winning sectors are technological and innovative ones. On the contrary, the real decline of the decade was those brands linked to old technologies and antiquated systems. Although it may seem like a trivial analysis, to understand the long-term future of Bitcoin, the question to ask is: will cryptocurrencies be an antiquated model in ten years’ time?

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If we go back two or three decades, the winning investments were mainly those related to industrial organizations and manufacturing companies. Gold and real estate were also highly priced. Yet in the course of less than twenty years, everything has changed: innovation is the real engine of the global economy. We can therefore hypothesize that, in the next ten years, the most profitable companies will be those that will be able to position themselves best from the point of view of technological innovation.