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Biomutant and 20 more titles coming to the GeForce NOW library

Biomutant and 20 more titles coming to the GeForce NOW library

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally come. Starting today, the GeForce NOW library welcomes 22 new games, in addition to support for three DLCs. A truly incredible novelty, if we consider that among the new releases there are titles such as Biomutant, Maneater, King of Seas, Imagine Earth And Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground. But that is not all. GeForce NOW also grants its users the ability to update automatically your favorite games, thus avoiding the tedious download of game updates and patches. All members have to do is log in to the platform, click on “Play” and enjoy the gaming experience on the Cloud. In short, many news for GFN players.

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Biomutant finally arrives in the GFN library

Starting today, three games will receive new DLCs, available for streaming on GeForce NOW. In Hunt Showdown The Committed DLC contains a Legendary Hunter (Monroe), a Legendary Knife (Pane) and a Legendary Romero 77 (Lock and Key). Isle of SiptahInstead, it welcomes the giant Conan Exiles expansion, which allows players to explore a new island, fight against monstrous creatures and much more. All players will have 40 new NPC camps and points of interest to explore, three new NPC factions, new ways to acquire slaves, and much more.

Finally, the third game to receive a new DLC is Iron Harvest, where the Operation Eagle expansion adds 7 new single player missions. But that is not all. In fact, this week, the GeForce Now library welcomes 22 new games. Among these deserves a note above all Biomutant, the title released by Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic that allows players to take on the role of an anthropomorphic rodent to discover an incredible world. Over the course of the adventure, the character’s abilities will evolve to allow him to face any obstacle and danger.

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Other titles include The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIIWarhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground, Bad North, Monopoly Plus, Last Epoch, Valiant Hearts: The Great War and much more. In short, the GFN library will give you a lot to do in the coming weeks. And are you ready to keep busy?