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Benchmarks of the iPhone 6s dual-core against the competition

Benchmarks of the iPhone 6s dual-core against the competition

One of the first, if not the first, tests done on any new device is to measure its performance in benchmarks. The figures obtained in this type of test are not definitive, since a device can obtain a great result in Geekbench 3, which is the most used application for this type of test, and then have problems in daily use, but it does they show us more or less how a device can work.

As you all know, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus are available for purchase in the first countries from today and the first tests have already been done with Geekbench 3 to obtain the benchmarks of the latest smartphone launched by the company run by Tim Cook. On paper, the A9, which is a processor dual-core, it should get much lower results than other competing devices, but will this be the case this time?

The iPhone 6s has scored 2529 in the single-core test and 4375 in the multi-core test. It is more than a 30% higher than iPhone 6, a device that came out now a year ago. But, if we compare it with the Galaxy Note 5, which we remember was launched only a couple of weeks before the iPhone 6s, the new smartphone of the bitten apple. sweeps the Note 5 by far in the single-core test and it is on par in the multi-core test, despite the fact that Samsung’s phablet has an eight-core processor.

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In the 3DMark test, which is responsible for measuring the GPU performanceWe also see how the iPhone 6s is above the Note 5, this time with a wider margin.

The comparisons are obnoxious and many of the following devices have been on the market for several months, but they are comparisons that have to be made because they are the devices that are now available. In the following list you can see more benchmarks: