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Before We Leave: The Xbox version is available

Before We Leave: The Xbox version is available

Team 17 and Balancing Monkey Games have recently made it available the Xbox version of Before We Leave, interesting sci-fi city builder. The game is now available to all Xbox players through the Microsoft Store and also through the title catalog of Xbox Game Pass. Therefore, subscribers to the Microsoft service will be able to play the title at no additional cost.

Before We Leave available for Xbox players (also on Game Pass)

For all Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S players and also for PC players, you can access the new Before We Leave. The game is available for purchase at a price of 17.99 euros but it is also included in the catalog of the Game Pass. Therefore, for subscribers there is the possibility to try the game at no additional cost.

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The city builder of Balancing Monkey Games presents a varied and interesting gameplay that promises a lot of fun for fans of the genre. It should be noted that the game supports the Italian language, both for the interface and for the subtitles, thus offering a complete experience from all points of view.

For more details on the title you can consult the Xbox store. The title is also available on Steam where it has garnered very positive recent reviews.

The launch trailer for the new game

here is the launch trailer Xbox version of the new title just released by Team 17 and Balancing Monkey Games: