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Banco BPM’s YouApp is available on the HUAWEI AppGallery

Banco BPM’s YouApp is available on the HUAWEI AppGallery

Today Huawei announced that the applicationand YouApp of Banco BPM is officially available for download on the AppGallery for all devices equipped with Huawei Mobile Services. In this way it continues the intense partnership of Huawei with the main players in the banking sector.

Its goal? To always make the more complete the experience on HMS devices.

Banco BPM YouApp available on AppGallery

With YouApp, Banco BPM customers now have the full control of their finances and they can check them in any time. In particular, they can handle major banking operations, such as wire transfers and the telephone top-ups, pay postal bills pre-marked, i MAV And RAV simply by framing the QR code with the smartphone camera.

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YouApp also offers a complete customization according to your needs. From today, all those who have an HMS device can therefore enjoy the numerous benefits offered by the Banco BPM app.

Isabella Lazzini, Marketing and Retail Director of Huawei CBG Italia, commented: “Huawei’s commitment to enriching its ecosystem continues unabated, with the aim of offering the most complete user experience possible. Therefore, the arrival of Banco BPM’s YouApp represents another important milestone. “

Stefano Cioffi, Head of Digital Services and Open Banking of Banco BPM, revealed instead: “Banco BPM is continuing to implement a series of initiatives in the digital field. Its purpose is to expand the availability of its solutions also on new platforms such as the Huawei App Gallery. This allows us to offer increasingly innovative experiences. “

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AppGallery is the first real alternative to app stores in the past decade. To date it boasts over 500 million users active around the world and far beyond 96,000 built-in apps with HMS Core, reaching the record of 294 billion of app downloads between January and September 2020.

As always, Huawei is committed to creating an open platform that can, at the same time, guarantee its users privacy And safety. For this reason, all the apps available on the HUAWEI AppGallery are check and have passed four levels of security before being published on the platform.