Avengers Infinity War: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Recap


  • WARNING: From here on, spoilers reign for anyone who has not seen the films set in the MCU.
  • The big summary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Waiting for Infinity War…

ORhere we are: tomorrow it arrives in cinemas in Italy Avengers: Infinity War. But before running to the cinema to find out what powerful enemies Iron Man and his companions will have to face, let's try to understand what happened in the previous episodes.

ATTENTION: From here on, spoilers reign for anyone who hasn't seen the films set in the MCU.

The big summary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

It all started in 1942, when Red skull finds the Tesseract in Norway, a strange artifact it contains one of the Gems of Infinity, that of space. The leader of Hydra, however, must face the first Avenger, i.e. Captain America, ready to do anything to save the world. But not only will Cap sacrifice himself, but also his best friend, Bucky (Captain America – The First Avenger). But rest assured: Hydra takes what's left of Steve Rogers' faithful companion and transforms it into Winter Soldier, the hitman who, a few years later, would kill Tony Stark's parents.

Now let's move on to 1978. This time we meet Ego, the living planet, one of the Ancients of the Universe who bears an extraordinary resemblance to the protagonist of “Big Trouble in Chinatown”. What does that have to do with it? Well, during a vacation on planet Earth, Ego will get pregnant a human woman who she will give birth to Peter Quill.

Square Enix at E3 2019 between Final Fantasy VII, Avengers and new IPs

Now let's move on to the next decade. In 1987 Thanos kills the families of Gamora and Nebula and adopts them to transform them into super killers, while the following year the aforementioned Peter Quill sees his mother die, after which he will be taken away by Yondu and his Ravagers on Ego's orders.

Now let's take another big leap forward and come to 2005, when Bruce Banner goes digital'The Incredible Hulk. After destroying everything, our green scientist decides to disappear from circulation (The Incredible Hulk) Four years later, billionaire Tony Stark appears who, so as not to be confused with Batman, opts for a nice Arc Reactor in his chest and the superidentity of Iron Man (Iron Man) Tony is contacted by Nick Furythe head of SHIELD, who wants him as the leader of a new boy band, theAvengers Initiative. To convince him to accept Fury, he gives Stark a new personal secretary, the sober and humble former Russian spy. Black Widow. With her Iron Man – who in the meantime will come across a baby cosplayer version of Peter Parker – will defeat his new enemies (Iron Man 2)

In the meantime Thor, god of thunder, he goes on an adventure trip to Earth, but he has to break off to return home and get his naughty little brother back in line Loki, who immediately afterwards falls into the void and « dies » exactly like Bucky (Thor) The God of Deception meets the Mad Titan at this point Thanos who entrusts him with a scepter reinforced by Spirit gem. Obviously, Thanos wants something in return: Loki will have to invade Earth with the Chitauri, steal the Tesseract from SHIELD and bring it to him.

Marvel's Avengers: no design changes after criticism

Oops… I forgot to tell you that after a few decades on the ice, Captain America comes back to life.

But back to us: Loki is defeated by the Avengers, allying for the occasion, and ends up losing both the Tesseract – which is brought by Thor to Asgard to keep it under lock and key – and the scepter with the Mind Stone , which ends up in hand at SHIELD (The Avengers)

Now let's move on to space: in a galaxy far away, the Asgardians are the Dark Elves there.'Ether, liquid form of Jewel of Realityand lead him to a beautiful figure, The collector, the ideal protagonist of an episode of Buried in the House. Obviously the Collector is not the one who is satisfied: why only keep one Infinity Stone when there are others scattered throughout the universe? So he decides to hire Gamora to recover the Orb, a strange metal ball it contains the power gem. Fortunately, the latter will be recovered and guarded by the Nova Corps, a sort of intergalactic police force (Guardians of the Galaxy)

We return to Earth. After a ping-pong between SHIELD and HYDRA, Loki's scepter returns to the Avengers, while the Spirit Gem ends embedded in the front of Visiona guy with a synthetic body animated by artificial intelligence named Jarvis (Avengers: Age of Ultron).

Do you think the story couldn't be more complicated? Obviously you are wrong! While the Hulk goes into exile for two years on the planet Sakaar and Thanos wears the Infinity Gauntlet for the first time, the MCU transforms into a fictional version of Superquark. It is in fact at this moment that we witness the transformation of Scott Lang, who goes from ex-convict to superhero. His name is The ant Man, Ant-Man. In the same period, however, he was also born Spider Man. As we all know: young Peter Parker is in fact bitten by a radioactive spider, which will give him new powers and a particular obsession with vultures (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

The protagonists of Marvel's Avengers and Final Fantasy VII Remake at Gamescom

We are finally in 2016, the year of the civil war. This time we face a big fight. On the one hand, we have what I decided to call “Team Simpa”, made up of Iron Man, War Machine, Vision, Black Widow (who will betray them), Spiderman and Black Panther. Then there is the “Team Meno Simpa”, with Captain America, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Ant-Man. The Meno Simpa team loses. The defeat will bring Cap and Bucky to Wakanda, the home of Black Panther.

At this point we witness the coronation of T'Challa, the new king of Wakanda (Black Pather), while on the other side of the world there is Doctor Strange have fun with itEye of Agamotto which – hear, hear – contains another Infinity Gem, that of time (Doctor Strange) The good Doctor and Thor meet in New York, a meeting which does not lead very well to Thunder's « uncle » because, in order: his father Odin dies, Thor loses the hammer, an eye and all of Asgard thanks to loving big sister Hela. Fortunately, not all evil comes to evil: ending on Sakkar, Thor meets the Hulk and makes peace with Loki, who however manages to steal the Tesseract before the home of the gods is reduced to confetti. And just as the remaining Asgardians travel to Earth, hoping to be able to move to Norway, behind their already large spaceship appears an even larger one, that of Thanos, the titan with obvious compensation problems, who is also heading towards our planet. (Thor: Ragnarock)

Disney, a new Marvel franchise after Avengers 4

Waiting for Infinity War…

At this point the situation should be clear, but, to help you out, I want to add one last final summary, just to make sure everything is clear.

So, to recap: the Tesseract contains the Space Stone and is in Loki's pocket for now; the Mind Stone is in Vision's forehead; Will the Aether or Reality Gem always be in the hands of the Collector? Ugh! The Orb and Power Stone are kept safe by the Nova Corps, the Time Stone is in the Eye of Agamotto in Tibet at the Kamar-Taj temple and the sixth Gem, that of the soul…Well, no one has seen it yet, but it could still show up in Infinity War.

Anyway, do you understand where I'm going with this…?

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