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Avast discovers some fake apps related to Minecraft


Avast discovers some fake apps related to Minecraft

The team of Avast identified a new cyber threat represented by one new wave of malicious mobile appsavailable on the Google Play Store and related to the popular video game Minecraft. These are apps that offer new skins, colored backgrounds or modifications for the Minecraft game. At the same time, however, these applications charge users very high amounts, even in the order of hundreds of Euros.

Computer scams related to video games are renewed. In fact, the Avast researchers have identified a series of apps connected to Minecraft that offer skins, backgrounds and modifications for the game, while charging very high figures. These are seven Minecraft-related apps that Avast has already reported to Google.

These are type applications fleeceware, a real new frontier of cybercrime. These apps attract users with free trial periods and then start charging very high amounts, even on the order of $ 30 a week. The scammers, before charging the additional costs, wait for the user to “forget” the existence of the app.

Avast’s comment

Ondrej David, leading Avast’s malware analysis team, he points out, “We urge users to remain vigilant when downloading any app from unknown developers and always carefully evaluate user reviews and billing agreements before signing up.”

Avast points out that children in particular are at risk from scams of this type. A game like Minecraft, able to attract many players, is the ideal starting point for scammers to try to deceive users with fake apps of various kinds.