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Availability of the PlayStation 5 will remain scarce until 2022

Availability of the PlayStation 5 will remain scarce until 2022

The availability of PlayStation 5 continues to be scarce and the situation does not seem destined to change in the coming months. This was declared by Sony who explained how the PS5 shortage will remain stable unless demand is reduced, which is still very high today. A condition that seems destined to last throughout 2021.

PlayStation 5: limited availability until 2022

“As I said, we are aiming to reach a sales volume higher than that of the PlayStation 4, but can we drastically increase the offer? No, it is unlikely. The shortage of semiconductors is one of the reasons, but there are also other factors that will have an impact on production. So, at the moment, we would like to exceed 14.8 million units sold in the second year on the market, which was the result achieved by PS4, “he said Hiroki Totoki, Sony CFO.

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The situation could change in 2022 but some experts seem more inclined to think supply problems will remain stable until 2023. In the meantime, will demand drop? Not really. To date, the availability of PlayStation 5 represents a relative problem for fans given the absence of super-exclusives dedicated to the new Sony console. With the passage of time, however, the games for PS5 will increase and the differences with PS4 will become more and more marked, pushing an increasing number of players towards the new generation of consoles which, however, will still be difficult to buy. At that point the picture could get worse: on the one hand we would have gamers ready to fall back on other platforms, on the other hand developers who could count on a lower installed base and therefore on lower earnings.

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Is the solution a PS5 redesign?

It sounds a little crazy but it’s actually one of the solutions currently under consideration. Sony is thinking of change the design of the console to meet the scarce availability of semiconductors. The idea should be a shift from the current 7nm custom CPU to a 6nm semi-custom CPU made by AMD. This could speed up production by solving at least some of Sony’s current problems.

Will the look of PlayStation 5 also change? Unlikely. It would require a modification of the production line at a time when the Japanese company needs to press the accelerator.