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  7. Auto Chess is coming to PlayStation 5 with haptic feedback

Auto Chess is coming to PlayStation 5 with haptic feedback

Auto Chess is coming to PlayStation 5 with haptic feedback

Dragonest announced that the March 30 will come out Auto Chess up PlayStation 5a narrative version of the standalone title complete with support for ultra-fast loading, updated graphics efhaptic eedback on the DualSense controller. Below we report the official launch trailer.

Auto Chess coming to PlayStation 5

At the moment we don’t have many details on the power of feedback. The developer of the title has only revealed that players will get a shock when they win a battle or when defeat an enemy player. However, we are curious to find out what the gamepad offers to a title that, theoretically, was not made to use it.

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The developer also revealed that a new exclusive character will arrive on PlayStation, Date Masamune. Character can be purchased from in-game store or directly from PlayStation Store. Additionally Auto Chess will support the cross-play with all other platforms and this support comes right during the launch of theeleventh season which brings new challenges and a “Chess pass” of unlockable items.

In addition to this information, the developers have announced important changes for the game. Among them we find a system of fragments to unlock free skin it’s a Training Camp mode to help new players get to grips with the game.

What is Auto Chess?

Auto Chess is the game original auto-battler jointly developed by Dragonest Co.Ltd and Drodo Studio, and published by Dragonest Co.Ltd. Since its launch, the title has had a significant influence around the world with his own brand new game mode and yours competitive strategic features.

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It has also attracted tens of millions of players across the globe. Matches take place on Internet against other players around the world and let you experience a brand new one competitive strategy experience. The title is also available on the Epic Games Store.

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