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ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 available in Italy: here is the router compatible with Alexa

ASUS ZenWiFi XD6 available in Italy: here is the router compatible with Alexa

Asus ZenWifi XD6 arrives in Italy with important technical characteristics. The router is equipped with Wi-fi 6, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and uses AiMesh technology for simplify configuration network and expand the signal coverage area.

The new performances are possible thanks to the pair of AX5400 routers that together form the ZenWifi XD6 system. The goal of the devices is to maximize speed and efficiency by spreading the signal to all corners of the house. Each router supports the advanced standard Wi-fi 6thus being compatible with both the most up-to-date protocols and the most antiquated ones.

The speed and coverage offered are allowed by the six integrated antennas with different operating frequencies. The sum of the coverage given by the two routers, and therefore by the ZenWifi XD6 system, amounts to 500 square meters about of space inside. If you use them outside, however, the indoor air should be well 2700 square meters.

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Beyond the performance, another important ace up the sleeve of the product is the simplicity of use and configuration. The two routers automatically configure themselves and each of them can function as the main router or as an extender.

All the technology of Asus zenWifi XD6

Technology AiMesh allows novice users to easily expand network coverage and intuitively set even the most advanced parameters. Thanks to the smart-home functions, Asus’ solution is compatible with Amazon Alexa And Smart Looksintegrating better with the other IoT devices you already own.

Furthermore, in the event that there are children in the house, it is possible to set parental control using the function AiProtection Pro. The system will monitor network activity for certain users and block access to sites not suitable for minors. It is a simple and effective service, which does not involve additional costs.

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To buy Asus products, just visit the page on the official website. The price for the single router Asus AX5400 and of 219 euroswhile that of the system Asus ZenWifi XD6 amounts to 389 euros.