Asus Zenfone: India claims trademark rights

Asus, a leading Taiwanese technology company, is now a giant and as such faces equally large competitors in the market. Design, hardware and software technology are just some of the points of contention in terms of patents and news compared to competing companies but, when it comes to model name rights, Asus certainly did not expect claims from minor companies.

Zen philosophy

This is the case of Remote assistance network, a competing Indian company in the smartphone sector, which claims ownership of the name used by Asus for the ZenFone range. Telecare Network, for its part, claims to have introduced the names « ZEN » and « ZENMOBILE » for some of its products since 2008, against the launch of Zenfone Asus in 2014.

The Taiwanese company claims to have been inspired by Zen philosophy thanks to founder Jonney Shis, however the Court of Deli responded in favor of the Indian company by preventing any form of sale or sponsorship of smartphones or accessories under the Zen or ZenFone brand. Last chance to appeal for Asus it will be July 10 but the court, if it does not change its mind by this date, will officially decree the ban on the incriminated devices throughout the country.

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