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Asus raises the audio quality with ROG Clavis and ROG Cetra II Core

Asus raises the audio quality with ROG Clavis and ROG Cetra II Core

Asus announces the arrival in Italy of two solutions designed for gamers and for anyone who wants to raise the audio quality level: Asus ROG Clavis and ROG Cetra II Core. The first is a portable DAC with connection from USB-C to jack, equipped with intelligent noise cancellation system. The latter are instead earphones with 3.5mm jack input perfect for looking for powerful bass.

Asus presents ROG Clavis

Asus developed ROG Clavis to enhance the audio experience with tons of different devices. In fact you can combine this DAC device to PCs and Macs, as well as smartphones, tablets, ROG Phone 5, Playstation 5, Xbox X and S series and Nintendo Switch. It allows you to connect any type of headset with a 3.5mm jack plug into the USB-C ports. But it is not just a reduction: i four ESS 9281 DACs amplify, equalize and reproduce sounds with greater definition. All thanks to the technology of MQA rendering (Master Quality Authenticated). Plus the technology AI noise canceling improves the ability of headphone microphones to eliminate background noise.

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Thanks to the four DAC architecture, you will have more elaborate and richer sounds in all frequencies, separating bass, mids, highs and ultra-highs. It also gets to reach a signal-to-noise ratio of 130 dBsuperior to any signal you can connect to the DAC.

In the end, ASUS Aura Sync RGB lights up the ROG logo with over 16.8 million color combinations. The eye also wants its part. The price is 139.90 euros.

ROG Cetra II Core, when gamin enters your ears

Elegant when you are on the move and perfectly matched to your gaming set when you are at home, the headphones Asus ROG Cetra II Core they raise the bar in terms of quality. Indeed the drivers Asus Essence combined with the strips in LSR (liquid silicone rubber) allow you to get the best out of the audio format Hi-Resensuring a great sound experience.

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Great fit, comfort and resistance, given the aluminum construction. With the keys to adjust volume and playback and a good sound insulationare great for gamers regardless of which platform they use.

The recommended price is 69.90 euros. Find both products with full details on the Asus website.