Asus launches the Eee Pad

I would prepare to have tablets even in the soup because after the 2 million units sold of iPad in less than two months Asus launched its own series of tablets, the Eee Pad (Does the name sound familiar?) and everything indicates that this will not be the last new thing we see in this area.

If it was practically them who in turn triggered the netbook fever with the Eee Now it seems they're following in the footsteps of Manzana and after the incredible success achieved with the iPad they are also preparing to take their small step in the same direction. The characteristics of the two models presented to date, the EP101TC and the EP121present significant hardware characteristics, they mount an Intel Core 2 Duo CULV, with screens of 10 and 12 inches respectively, 12.2 millimeters thick and weighing 672 grams, in addition to a battery of approximately 10 hours.

And I say hardware features because in software, they tell me what I need Windows 7 turn it off and let's go. Before the hordes rush against me, calling me Manzana fanboy I will just say that I like windows 7, actually I'm writing from one at the moment, it just doesn't seem like a suitable OS for a tablet, that's all. It's curious because if netbooks found a completely new market and different from what we were used to, part of the success of Eee That's why with tablets the exact same thing happens. THE iPad It's not a computer, it's not a netbook, it's not a “big iPod Touch”, it's… something new, plain and simple.

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And for that, something new oriented towards very specific functions and uses, I think you need an operating system totally oriented towards that, a requirement that the Windows failed. Yes hpafter purchasing palm for example, it aims to release a Slate with WebOS, as has been said, so I think we could be facing something very interesting, especially because of the differences and rivalries that it will present against the omnipresent iPadLet's hope that day is not far away.

Via: Gizmology | Photo: Slashgear