Arlo Go – the perfect camera for a safer vacation anywhere


  • The Arlo Go camera
  • More security for the holidays

The leading brand in connected cameras Arlo recently launched Arlo Gothe world's first and only HD security camera, designed to allow vacationers to spend their vacation in complete relaxation.

The Arlo Go camera

One of the biggest concerns Italians have when vacation time comes is not only the safety of their loved ones, but also that of their luggage.

Watching over both is Arlo Gothe world's first and only HD security camera, recently launched by the leading connected camera brand Arlo.

The device, in addition to being able to count on a 100% wireless nature, is also extremely easy to place thanks to its practicality and comfort, specially designed to allow it to be used even in the most remote places.

The camera can in fact be positioned anywhere, without the need for a Wi-Fi connection: the device works with the mobile phone network (3G and 4G LTE), it will therefore be sufficient buy a SIM card with data traffic to start using it.

More security for the holidays

Taking the new device with you on vacation will allow all vacationers to spend their vacation in complete relaxation, thanks to the functionality of the video camera itself.

The latter in fact allows users, via a special application, to always be able to view the monitored location with live and on-demand video, but not only: Arlo Go it is in fact also equipped with an innovative infrared system, capable of alerting the user in real time if an object is detected in their field of vision.

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Like all the brand's devices, the camera is easy to configure and allows you to have 7 days of free cloud recordings, easily viewable via the application.

The device is currently available at major electronics retailers and on AmazonAt recommended price of €399.

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