Argentina remembers Memory Day without profile picture on Facebook

East March 24 commemorates the National Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice In Argentina, date on which the political victims murdered during the last military dictatorship (1976 – 1983) are commemorated. The protest reaches social networks like Facebook or Twitter, where Argentine users are encouraged to delete their profile picture or avatar for that day.  » East March 24 let's take our profile picture, so that those who still ask why this day is a holiday, see what it would be like if many loved ones were all absent together,” reads the appeal circulating on the network.

The original proposal suggests that local users delete their profile picture to remember those who disappeared during the dictatorship. Another suggestion is to place the image of anonymous in the profile with the caption “Never again”. It is possible to find modified avatars in Facebook groups.

The objective of this initiative is to achieve young people, those who might be more likely to forget this dark episode in Argentine history. The military dictatorship in Argentina is not a subject to be taken lightly: it was one of the darkest moments of Latin America, an episode in which the government kidnapped, tortured, disappeared and executed thousands of civilians. The absence of the profile image is symbolic to keep present in the collective memory a day which must not be lost in the fog.

The mission is to remember to never repeat.

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