Argentina needs more IT experts

Argentina throughout 2010 needs to incorporate 7,000 professionals in the IT field and only around 2,500 will be received. What does that mean? Simple, that the country needs three times more experts.

This data was revealed by the Chamber of Software and IT Services Companies of Argentina and, as the institution explains, this is due to the fact that some sign up in careers linked to hard sciences or on the contrary, if they do They leave the studio for jobs.

In fact, the data is really interesting since the 31% of people currently working in software have not earned a college degree. It seems endless, because those who stop studying between the ages of 20 and 22 have access to very high salaries. The problem arises in the long term, when these salaries do not increase due to lack of title.

Mario Sosaof the Software and IT Services Industry Observatory, was very clear:

This is a problem because by turning to students to cover specialized labor needs, we attack the heart of value creation. We know that to export, by 2016 it will be necessary to improve the quality of the hours worked, increase its price, and this will be done more easily with more graduates.

Many companies help their students complete their studies by giving them time or giving them whatever they need to do so, but this is not common in the industry.

As is the case in virtually all areas of work in Argentina, what is done is exploit interns. They are hired for 6 hours, paid for 6 hours and forced to work 8 hours or more (personal experience speaking).

A reflection for Geek Pride Day

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