Area 51 veterans break the silence: 'no aliens, no UFOs'

call for Jaime Maussan! Veterans who worked in the Area 51 decided to reveal the secrets of the ultra-super-mega-secret military base of United States Army. What did they say? That there are no aliens, no flying saucers, no alien vivisections, or anything like that. A dark day for ufologists and followers of Fox Mulder in the world.

According to James Nocea 72-year-old veteran who worked at Area 51admits that the base was used to test reconnaissance aircraft, in particular, the Lockheed A-12 and the SR-71 Blackbird. night reminds us that all the mysticism around the extraterrestrial presence in the Area 51 it didn't bother them. If anything, the fanaticism surrounding extraterrestrials helped cover up the military tasks taking place at the facility.

They had to pass 47 years why night could reveal what was happening inside the Area 51. The veteran mentions that the secrecy has reached the point that there are no papers indicating that he worked for the Inc, and that all the checks his peers receive come from shell companies. It must be disappointing for the conspirators that the mythical Area 51 does not contain the secrets of extraterrestrial life. Although, of course, Maussan and company can say that the poor night you have been brainwashed and the truth is out there.

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