Are these the first REAL images of an iPhone 7?

A few minutes ago, Geekbar published what could be the first real images of a iPhone 7. OnLeaks echoed Geekbar's post on French blog NoWhereElse and says it thinks it could be a functional prototype of the next Apple smartphone, a device that will be presented, if there are no surprises, at the beginning of September with its older brother, the iPhone 7 Plus, which will arrive with the famous dual camera among other notable new features.

The images don't show anything new: biggest camera with a projection in the case which replaces the ring present in the iPhone 6/6s, no 3.5mm jack for headphones and a second speaker at the bottom. We can also see lines for the antennas on the top and bottom edges which are still white, something I mention because after the last Unbox Therapy post I was hoping that at least these lines would be a yellow close to gold. of the case.

The iPhone 7 appears in pictures

OnLeaks clarifies on its blog that Geekbar has already leaked many things in the past with great reliability, so we can face the first real photos of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. Geekbar is a Chinese team specializing in the repair of electronic devices and more specifically Apple devices. It is possible that they have already obtained a real device to be able to study it a month before the first users can enjoy their iPhone 7.

The bad thing about all the photos posted is that whether they are real or not, we can see their image, but they do not provide us with any information about what they will bring inside. Some rumors say that the iPhone 7 camera will be 21Mpx and will have OISsomething that was not available in the 4.7-inch iPhone since its arrival in 2014. On the other hand, rumors also say that it will be waterproof, but we will still have to wait about a month to confirm or deny these rumors and others.

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