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Are Tesla ready to become even more autonomous?

Are Tesla ready to become even more autonomous?

According to what was declared by Elon Musk in a tweetnext week will be released in beta an update to make the cars of the almost totally autonomous Tesla. The novelty will initially concern a selected group of drivers, but will probably also be extended to the rest of the brand’s car drivers.

Elon Musk announces a major update for Tesla

The tweet, in response to an article by CleanTechnica dedicated to the functionality of Autopilotquotes the following: “A limited beta of FSD will be released Tuesday next one, as promised. At the beginning, it will be a small number of people who we know are expert and attentive drivers “.

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He then added: “I am using the latest version myself alpha on my car. almost zero interventions between home and work “.

Tesla’s goal

Already in August, the billionaire had anticipated the update, promising that it would be a “quantum leap, because it will be a substantial architectural rewrite, not an incremental improvement”.

FSD functionality is an optional package from 8 thousand dollars to be requested when purchasing a Tesla, with some features already included and other promises. Currently it is capable of enter And go out from highways without the need for human intervention. It also allows you to “Summon” your vehicle from its parking lot and respect Stop And traffic lights without having to touch the accelerator. The “Auto-Curve in the City” feature will also be arriving soon.