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Are companies ready for the future?

Are companies ready for the future?

Vodafone Business published the report Fit For The Future Report 2021, a study that aims to understand if companies are ready to face the future. Also wondering what are the decisive characteristics for those who look ahead. An investigation that involves over 2500 companies di all sizes in 11 countries: Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, China, India, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Ireland.

Vodafone Business presents Fit For The Future Report 2021

There are several characteristics of a company ready to face the future. Be positive about change, adopt new technologies, adapt to new trends and have a valid strategy on your transformation goals. According to the Vodafone Business report, only the 21% of micro enterprises (from 2 to 9 employees), the 25% of the small ones (less than 50 employees), the 24% of averages (up to 250 employees) and the 21% of large companies (more than 250 employees).

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The 94% of these, however, believe they are able to face future risks, while on the total of the interviewees we are on 58%. 8 out of 10 Fit for Future companies also say i continuity plans during the pandemic they worked well. An analysis conducted by London School of Economics it also shows that these companies have a strategic advantage: they are 36% more likely to outperform their competitors.

By shifting the focus to the sole Italyonly a little more than one in five (21%) considers itself “Fit for the future”. The main discriminant is digital transformation. 82% have a plan to implement it and 59% are accelerating these plans due to the pandemic. The other companies, on the other hand, stop at 54% and 32% respectively.

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92% of Italian Fit For The Future companies report being optimistic for the role of technology in society. In addition, 79% believe that technology will benefit workplace safety in the future. 77% of FFTF firms also report being satisfied with flexibility that have brought new technologies.

You can read the full report at this address.