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Are Apple users excited about the iPhone 13? It would seem not

Are Apple users excited about the iPhone 13? It would seem not

Only a few weeks have passed since the official release of the new iPhone 13. An investigation reveals how Apple users have received the new smartphone from Cupertino.

iPhone 13: user reactions

In the last few years, Apple has retained some design consistency, and the new iPhone 13 it was no less. However, there is no shortage of new features, such as the screen refresh rate above 60Hz and the ProMotion at 120Hz with a 1TB storage option. Despite this, in terms of screen size and appearance, the device does not differ too much from its predecessor.

But the real question is: how did users perceive the new device? A recent survey by SellCell, which took into account 5,000 users in the US. The results are not at all exciting: 64% of old iPhone users think the new model is nothing exciting. The survey data is reported by the gizchina.com portal, here are all the data that emerged from the study.

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All survey data

Out of a total of 5017 responses, 76.8% say they have no plans to buy an iPhone 13. Among those who buy it instead, 42.5% will switch to the Pro version, while 26.3% will prefer the Pro Max. The Mini version turns out to be the least popular, with only 9.2%.

For 29.3% of the respondents, the main reason for dissatisfaction is the lack of Touch ID. On the other hand, the ProMotion display seems to be driving the purchases. 34.1% of 1164 respondents said they will buy the new iPhone primarily for the display.

36.8% of 3853 respondents admitted that, although they will not buy the new iPhone 13, they will value the purchase of 14. 32.3% instead said they will wait a few years, while 11.3% will buy a model. old. However, 16.1% said they will switch to Android, while 3.5% said they were still undecided.

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