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Archery King is the archery game that conquers the App Store

Archery King is the archery game that conquers the App Store

We like to take a tour of the iOS App Store and its successes, so we are up to date on what the real successes are among ordinary iPhone users. I had been following Archery King for a few days, a game that, due to its theme, did not arouse much interest in me, but that has sneaked into the top five most downloaded for free on the iOS App Store, and we have to take a look at it to see if this success is real (and not like ElParking and its terrible rating). In this way, Let’s take a look at Archery King, to learn the keys to its success, a game that consists of practicing archery.

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It seems quite obvious, as soon as we start we see that we can challenge players from all over the world, as happens in other Soccer Stars-style games, which encourages users a lot. Once the necessary points have been achieved, we can customize our bow and arrows to an incredible level. It is also true that the graphics are quite good considering the type of game we are facing.

Test your skill and play one of the most competitive archery games. Compete in all fields and discover their secrets. Become an archery ace and dominate the rankings!
Mix and match the different components to customize your bow and arrows! Create your own gaming experience with hundreds of possible combinations!
Archery King offers you much more than 1v1 matches. Play in single player modes, challenge yourself and show how far you can go!

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And this is how this free application (with integrated payments) has become a success. It weighs 136MB and is compatible with any iOS device above iOS 6.0that is, it has an extremely interesting iOS device compatibility.

The app is no longer available on the App Store