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Aqara offers on HomeKit for Amazon Prime Day

Aqara offers on HomeKit for Amazon Prime Day

Taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day that takes place between July 12 and 13, we show you the best deals for home automation compatible with HomeKit from one of the most reliable brands and with the best value for money that you can find on Amazon.

Since Aqara bet with HomeKit, it has become one of the reference brands for home automation for Apple users. Your devices work very reliably without connection problems and with great coverage thanks to the use of the Zigbee protocol. A very simple configuration and the huge catalog of products within a large number of categories make it one of the most recommended brands to dogmatize our house, and during Amazon Prime Day we have the opportunity to complete the home automation of our home at a great price. These are the most interesting products that we can find at this time with great discounts.

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Aqara has sensors of all kinds capable of giving us information about temperature or air qualityand with which we can configure our own home security system with opening and closing sensors for doors or windows. These are the best deals we can find these days.


Aqara’s chambers are Compatible with HomeKit Secure Video and they even allow you to create a sound alarm security system by combining motion sensors, door sensors and the camera itself. The offers for these devices are as follows:


All Aqara Devices need a bridge to connect to HomeKit. The cameras have it built-in and allow you to add other accessories, but if we do not have cameras, we will have to add a specific bridge. There are various models and prices, depending on the features we need. The offers for these two days are:

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curtain controllers

control the opening of curtains or blinds remotely or through automation It is possible thanks to these small accessories that are also now on sale for 48 hours. And there are for all kinds of curtains, including traditional ones.

Switches and sockets

control the lights, schedule power on and off, monitor electricity consumption… all this is possible thanks to the installation of smart switches and plugs. These are the offers for this Amazon Prime Day.