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Apple’s digital driver’s license has been postponed to 2022

Apple’s digital driver’s license has been postponed to 2022

There Apple’s digital driver’s license (also known as ID function) was postponed to 2022. The function was supposed to arrive at the end of 2021 but it seems that the Cupertino company has decided to postpone it to the beginning of next year. Let’s find out the details.

Apple’s digital driver’s license arrives in 2022

Originally announced at WWDC 2021Apple reveals that the feature will allow users to use its Wallet app to store thedigital identification and use it at the airport security checkpoints. Of course, the system depends on the state that supports it.

The company announced that theArizona and the Georgia they would be the first to allow citizens to add their licenses to their phones, with Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah following later.

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Earlier this month, a report showed just how good they are Apple’s contracts are restrictive with the states chosen to conduct the program. CNBC said Apple has “Sole discretion” about the way the states they have to market the program. The states, and therefore the taxpayers, are also responsible for funding the programdespite Apple deciding when to launch it.

Plus the Apple site offers conflicting information regarding the actual arrival of digital IDs. The page still reveals that “all the new features of iOS 15 will arrive in late 2021” but we seriously begin to doubt that this will happen within a month.

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The digital ID function it wasn’t the only one missing from the official launch of iOS 15. Apple has indeed released the new version of the operating system without some of the main features it had announced on stage. Some of them he added over the weeks through updates but, on balance, there are still many missing. The Cupertino company continues to repeat that updates they will arrive by the end of the year but with the holidays and the holidays approaching, we are rather skeptical.