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Apple: You can now repair your iPhone yourself

Apple: You can now repair your iPhone yourself

For the first time Apple will give official support to whom want to repair their iPhone by themselves: he arrives Self Service Repair. After the criticism for the “Right to repair“, Apple now supplies original parts and materials and detailed guides on how to make repairs.

Apple allows you to repair your iPhone by yourself

The new program, announced after much criticism in recent months, will allow customers to self-repair screens and replace batteries of their smartphones. Until now, the Self Service repair had never been officially supported by Apple, which had instead directed its customers to authorized centers to solve their problems. Or better yet, take advantage of the Apple Care + warranty.

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But before they start disassembling and repairing their device, Apple wants customers to declare that they are a knowledge of the risks and complexity of repairs. If they do something wrong, they can take the iPhone to a professional center, where they will pay for the repair.

In fact, the new service is not designed for the majority of customers. Indeed, Apple believes it serves “technicians with knowledge and experience in the repair of electronic devices “. Once all conditions have been accepted, customers will be able to receive the components to be replaced and will be asked to ship the broken parts to be recycled.

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The service will first be available in the US only for the iPhone 12 and 13. In this phase, two hundred parts and tools will be available for the most common repairs, such as the one for the iPhone display, battery and camera the last two years. Support for Macs with M1 chips will also come later. Is in the rest of the world should arrive only in 2022.

However, the rules for the guarantee will not change. If a customer makes a repair and damages the device in doing so, this will have an impact on the warranty. But it will not preclude the possibility of having new repairs covered by the warranty in the future. A piece of news that iPhone users with technical experience will appreciate for sure.