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Apple working on a multi-device wireless charger

Apple working on a multi-device wireless charger

According to the latest rumors, Apple is working on an accessory multi-device chargerwhich will allow you to reload in wireless mode iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. Also, Apple thinks about a future where devices can recharge each other. A future he is actively working on.

Apple: Multi-device wireless charger in development

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, tech-savvy and close to the Apple environment, explained how Apple is thinking a lot about charging its devices. First, by developing a wireless multi-device charger. Something he had already thought of in the past, with the experiment AirPower. But it wants to resume, perhaps also driven by the good sales of third-party devices that fulfill this function.

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The charger ‘mat’ should have proprietary technology to ensure the right level of charging for iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watch. Something more sophisticated than the MagSafe Duowhich basically consists of an iPhone charger and an Apple Watch charger attached together.

To use Gurman’s words in his Power On newsletter: “I really believe Apple is working on some device multi-device charger it intends to release. There is a reason why she would have liked to put the device on the market in 2017 ″.

But the analyst goes further, imagining the future of charging for the Apple ecosystem. “I also believe that Apple is working on the wireless short and long distance charging and imagine a future where major Apple devices will charge each other. Imagine an iPad that charges an iPhone and then that iPhone that charges AirPods or an Apple Watch ”.

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Reverse wireless charging could be something new to wait for the next iPhone. But according to Gurman, the charger device may be even closer. We will keep you informed for any news.