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Apple will transfer user data to the Cloud after death

Apple will transfer user data to the Cloud after death

With its latest iOS update, Apple is solving a rather complicated issue for users. When a loved one or family member passes away, there is no easy way to access the deceased’s iCloud account, much less a way to unlock the phone without knowing the code. According to iCloud’s terms of service, i data of the deceased person disappear with you, even with a death certificate. But now the Cupertino company seems intent on changing everything.

Apple: the data of the deceased users will be transferred to the Cloud

Apple announces the new “Digital Legacy” program, which allows users to designate up to five legacy contacts. By doing so, these people will be able to access your personal data and information stored in iCloud when you are deceased. To activate the feature, however, the company requires both proof of death and an access key. And as quirky as it may seem to you, in reality the process is much simpler than it was before, when even Apple requested a court order confirming the right to inheritance.

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Therefore, if you are planning to add a set of secure contacts that will be able to access your data when you are gone, here’s how. If you are using an iOS device, you need to go to “Settings” and then to the “Password and security” section. If you are using a Mac, go to “System Preferences”, “Apple ID”, “Password and security”. Once you have followed the path, inside the “Legacy Contact” section you can add a member of your family or a loved one. At this point, you can send the contact the key that they will use to access your account when you are no longer there.

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The “Legacy Contact” feature is for now part of the Digital Legacy program, and is available in the public beta of iOS 15.2 for iPhone. In the future, however, it will be widely accessible when iOS 15.2 is fully launched.