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Apple will leave iPhone XR ‘courtesy’ during repairs

Apple will leave iPhone XR ‘courtesy’ during repairs

Starting this week, Apple will offer a iPhone XR courtesy‘to those who have to make particularly long repairs. So that you have an iPhone at your disposal while waiting for the technicians of the Apple Store do their duty. Until now, those who adhered to the iPhone Loan Agreement received an iPhone 8, while today they can take advantage of the notch and say goodbye to the physical button.

Apple leaves iPhone XR ‘courtesy’ during repairs

Part of the “Apple experience” is customer service, which the Cupertino company often takes pride in. Among the various services offered, depending on how much you subscribe, there is that of the ‘courtesy’ iPhone. A loaner device that Apple leaves you while repairing your smartphone under warranty. The concept is the same as some workshops do: you cannot work and manage your private life without a car. And the same goes for your smartphone.

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So far, Apple has been lending an iPhone 8. Which is still a functional smartphone, upgradeable to iOS 15 and snappy in almost every feature. But the change to a courtesy iPhone XR brings quite a few benefits. First of all, the arrival of Face ID to unlock the smartphone and goodbye to the physical key with fingerprint reader. But there is also support for the dual SIM, an essential function for many workers. Also comes the A12 Bionic processor for faster performance.

Not all repairs involve the use of a borrowed ‘courtesy’ iPhone. And the device must be returned within 14 days since Apple tells you that it has actually repaired your smartphone. But from November 4th, those who respect these parameters will be able to use a more recent and complete smartphone. Sure it won’t be like your brand new iPhone 13, but it will have it allto basic systems to provide for the same functions.

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The news at the moment is not yet official: MacRumors has known it in preview. And at the moment we don’t know if the November 4th the iPhone XR will arrive in the United States only or in all countries who join the program. We will keep you posted.