Apple Watch: the extreme version will have a different design

Since 2021 we have rumors that Apple is planning a version for extreme sports that is much more resistant and that it would have a greater battery capacity. According to recent publications, this new version would be launched this same 2022 and, according to Bloomberg, this extreme version of the Apple Watch would have a stronger metal case and a larger screen than existing models.

A Bloomberg post revealed details of what we could expect from the extreme sports version of the Apple Watch. Surprisingly, this Apple Watch would have a larger screen than the ones we have been having in the existing models. The largest screen Apple has ever made for the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, analysts Ross Young and Jeff Pu also mentioned that Apple would be working on an Apple Watch Series 8 with a 1.99-inch screen that would fit into a 50-millimeter case (vs the 45mm we currently have in the larger version). However, it was unclear if Apple plans to replace the 45mm model with a new 50mm or if it would be a different model. Rumors cross and marry.

According to Bloomberg sources, a larger screen would be one of the features of the extreme model. This would be given to display more information during exercise and be more useful with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels.

The post also talks about a metal casing stronger than aluminum to make it more resistant. However, it does not mention what metal will be used although it could be steel or titanium. Also, a larger screen and a larger size would also mean a larger battery and thus greater capacity.

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This new extreme version of the Apple Watch should be around a starting price of $699 which, translated into euros, probably will not fall below €799.

On the other hand, Bloomberg confirms the rumors that the “normal” Apple Watch Series 8 would maintain the same design as the Series 7 models. The only novelty would be a sensor to measure body temperature, something that the extreme version would also measure.

No doubt the rumors are getting stronger about the extreme model of the Apple Watch, but many users will also feel a great disappointment (again) if the continuity in the design of the “non-extreme” Series 8 is confirmed.