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Apple Watch Series 7: Pre-orders start this month

Apple Watch Series 7: Pre-orders start this month

Apple announced that Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders will start on October 8th. Finally, they have a clear date regarding the new Apple Watch range, given that the Cupertino company had so far only specified that they would arrive in the fall. New features for 2021 include a larger edge-to-edge display, stronger cover glass and a brighter always-on mode.

Apple Watch Series 7: Pre-orders start in October

According to the company, the first devices should reach those who ordered them by 15 October, and it is currently unclear whether inventories will be limited in any way due to the global micro-chip crisis. Apple has not stated anything specific about it, so it is realistic to imagine that the Apple Watch Series 7 will not be involved in this phenomenon.

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The various price ranges for the Apple Watch Series 7 should remain the same: Apple said the starting price for the 41mm model is $ 399. That would mean the larger 45mm models should start at $ 429.

The larger display size does not change the compatibility of the band, however, as the smaller Apple Watch still fits 38mm and 40mm bands, while the larger 45mm Apple Watch also fits on 38mm and 40mm bands. 44 mm and 42 mm. The company has not added new features in the Health sector with this new Apple Watch, which however has a larger, brighter and more durable display.

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Also, the new device recharges up to 33% faster, which means eight minutes of charging on the new Apple Watch USB-C charger guarantees about eight hours of use. Interested users will be able to pre-order the Apple Watch Series 7 on October 8 from Apple’s website and other retailers.