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Apple Watch Series 7: go to pre-order on Amazon

Apple Watch Series 7: go to pre-order on Amazon

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 7. The smartwatch will then be available starting from 15 October but it is already possible to proceed with the purchase of the new Series 7 on Amazon in both the GPS-only and GPS + Cellular versions. The Apple Watch was announced along with the release of the iPhone 13 to usher in a new line of super tech products.

The new Apple Watch Series 7

As for the design, Apple Watch Series 7 is very similar to previous generations, with rounded edges and with the digital crown. THEl approximately 20% larger display, has an improved brightness of 70% in always on mode. Very convenient choice to display 50% more text and enhance the new quadrants. Available many goesrianti of strapfrom basic colors such as blue, red, black, to the more sophisticated ones in steel mesh.

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With the Apple Watch Series 7 model GPS + Cellular you can make phone calls, send messages and find directions, all without a telephone, unlike the GPS-only version. You can practically forget the iPhone at home and use the smartwatch.

The selling prices of the Apple Watch Series 7 do not differ from the costs of the previous models. It therefore starts from 439 euros for the 41mm aluminum version, up to the version of the photo above, which costs 790 euros. A good amount yes, you never know that sooner or later some discount will arrive … In case we notify you in the Telegram channel.

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The smartwatch to pair with the iPhone 13

What can I say, a smartwatch can only be accompanied by a phone as performing as the iPhone 13… In fact, our hope is to be able to have it in our hands soon to test it and tell you about it. These are very important expenses and therefore it is good to accurately evaluate the purchase. We are curious to see if the differences with the previous model are consistent and relevant, to the point of making the leap in quality.

In the meantime we leave you this video, to discover the expected iPhone 13 with Fjona.

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The pre-order has officially begun and many Apple lovers have decided to proceed with the purchase on trust. Certainly it is a brand you can trust, until now it has never missed a beat. We will find out what this new accessory is like only October 15th. Will you buy Apple Watch Series 7?