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Apple Watch Force Touch disappears in watchOS 7

Apple Watch Force Touch disappears in watchOS 7

Many new features of Apple’s new operating systems are not known until we start testing the betas. It is being the case of iOS and iPadOS 14, macOS Big Sur and also in watchOS 7. One of those novelties is the disappearance of the well-known Force Touch from the Apple Watch, a novelty that arrived in 2014 and that Apple has decided to discontinue in this new version of watchOS. This function allowed to interact with the screen differentiating a touch from a pressure. The same thing happened with the 3D Touch of the iPhone that changed to the new Haptic Touch last year after the release of iOS 13.

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We say goodbye to the mythical Force Touch of the Apple Watch

There are several basic gestures you can use to interact with Apple Watch. When you touch the screen, the watch uses Force Touch technology to sense how hard you press the screen.

The technology Apple Watch Force Touch allows to determine the force with which the user interacted with the clock screen. Thus, a touch on the screen is not the same as a stronger pressure, than a slide or a scroll. However, the key to this function was the pressure we exerted on the screen. It can be assimilated to what we knew on the iPhone as 3D Touch that Apple removed in iOS 13 last June 2019.

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The first betas of watchOS 7 indicate that Apple has decided to discontinue Force Touch on Apple Watch. This implies several interesting aspects to highlight.

In the first place, developers will have to modify the menus of their applications so that if there were context menus using Force Touch before, now they will have to find another place to integrate them. Apple has decided to modify the menus of some apps that had integration of this technology in the global system settings.

Secondly, it is important to see the reason for this move by the big apple. It is true that By eliminating Force Touch, they ensure a greater range of action in the Apple Watch hardware. If they remove screen layers that allowed this technology to be used, they have more space that they could use to install a larger battery or other functions that they deem appropriate in the Apple Watch Series 6.

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In short, saying goodbye to Force Touch is saying goodbye to a function that many users used on a daily basis. However, the same thing happened to us with 3D Touch, although this time it seems that Apple is not going to offer any other solution to alleviate the lack of this technology.