Apple to start testing augmented reality glasses

Apple has already made it clear what it thinks about virtual reality, and that its short and medium term intentions do not include the development of this type of technology, but something very different is augmented reality. Isolating yourself in a fake world doesn't seem to have much application outside of the video game market, but enriching the reality we perceive with relevant information is in the company's plansand in fact, as Bloomberg reports, it will already begin testing the first devices: augmented reality glasses, similar to the already forgotten Google Glass.

The company has already reportedly asked some suppliers for parts for the creation of a few test units. We are talking about small quantities of screens adapted to be close to the eye and other elements of these glasses, but never in sufficient quantities to suspect immediate mass production for marketing, but rather they would only allow the creation of a few units to begin testing these new “wearables”. Added to this information would be the acquisition of various companies linked to this technology, and the result would be a clear interest from Apple in developing a device in the medium term.

The obligatory question would be « What did Apple see in augmented reality glasses after Google abandoned the project? » » Google Glass, which caused a lot of excitement in its presentation and whose pages and pages were written in blogs and other specialized media, were buried by Google. It seems that the problems with design, autonomy and, above all, the doubts about privacy that they generated were the key to the abandonment of the project.. Design and privacy should not be a problem for Apple, which will have to improve the autonomy of these glasses to really arrive at a product that is successful on the market. We'll have to wait until at least 2018 to see anything come to fruition, if it comes to fruition.

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