Apple takes 66% of the Indian market for high-end devices

The guys from Cupertino are not having a good time in the new country where they are trying to concentrate their efforts to counter the decline in sales that occurs every month in China. India turns out to be a tough nut to crack, especially if we're talking about the mid-range, since apparently at the high end, Apple with its iPhone sails like a fish in water. The latest sales report for October shows us how Apple retained 66% of device sales high-end products that were sold last month. The report does not mention which iPhone models are top sellers.

In second position we find Samsung, with the Galaxy S7, which attracted the attention of 23% of users, while Google managed to get only 10%. The remaining 1% up to 100% is in the hands of other brands, not mentioned in the report.

Even though the iPhone is considered a luxury product in India, every month the Cupertino-based company sees as the number of devices sold in the country increasesbut only at the high end, since Apple cannot sell refurbished devices in the country, devices which would allow it to fight with the majority of manufacturers on the market.

Apple's main device maker, Foxconn, intends to start manufacturing devices in the countryin order to be able to satisfy the needs of the government of the country, which obliges the company to sell products manufactured in the country, although it has temporarily given the company a reasonable period of time to establish itself in the country and thus be able to start manufacturing and selling if problems in India.

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