Apple surprisingly presents the new iPod touch

Today, surprisingly and long after four years, Apple announced a new version of its Ipod touch. The device, which arrived with this at the seventh generationis aesthetically identical to the previous one, but hides a processor renewed (but certainly not new) and support for new software features.

Apple's new iPod touch

As expected, the new iPod is equipped with a « new » processor, or theA10 Fusionthe same asiPhone 7 and the current iPad Since 9.7″. You can also now choose an internal memory format, equal to well 256 GB. For the rest, from an aesthetic and camera point of view, the new iPod is exactly identical to its predecessor: same screen 4″same Home button without Touch ID.

That's not to say this new device doesn't have a few more tricks up its sleeve. Apple says this new iPod will support both calls FaceTime group that theARKit for the augmented reality.

In addition, from the promotional material, Apple seems to want to highlight a focus for this new product on the future gaming service. Apple Arcade. This latter feature would justify the processor upgrade and make the new iPod the ideal device to attract users without an iPhone or iPad.

Apple's new iPod touch is already available for sale on the company's official website, priced at €249, €359 And 469€ for versions of 32 GB, 128 GB And 256 GB, respectively.

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