Apple starts selling refurbished Apple Watches

Are you considering purchasing a new Apple product? if so, run to an online or physical Apple Store, we are in the time when it's harder to get the perfect gift from Cupertino boys. And that’s because at Christmas, there are a lot of products that are scarce in stock, not to mention new products AirPodsthe new wireless headphones that are an impossible task this Christmas… It's almost impossible to find in a physical Apple Store, let alone finding them in the online Apple Store if you plan to get them before Christmas.

And it is that Apple knows how to do it very well by creating that hype that makes us buy the brand's products so much. Of course, there are always more alternatives… You can always get them from other tech stores, or buy them from individuals. Be careful with these since in the end everything is a lottery… It is much better to go through Apple's refurbished (refurbished) products section where you can go from a restored Mac to a restored iPhone. The latest, the Apple Watch. A few Refurbished Apple Watch that we can buy directly on the Apple Store with Apple Quality Certificate.

for the moment the offer of the repaired Apple Watch (or refurbished) is only available in the American Apple Store, Apple Watches that can be purchased from 229 US dollars. Without a doubt, an interesting offer since these devices have the Apple certificate, that is, you can be sure that you will not have any problems with the Apple Watch. They all have up to 100 dollars off so you will save something.

  • Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 38mm per $229
  • Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 42mm per $249
  • Apple Watch Series 2 42mm steel for $509
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You know, if you live in the United States and you are thinking about getting an Apple Watch Don't miss this offer. Have 1 year warrantylike all Apple products you buy in the United States, and you always have the option to extend this period by purchasing Apple Care. Apple puts all of its refurbished products through processes to ensure that conform their quality standardsso you shouldn't have a problem with a refurbished Apple product.

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