Apple responds to Spotify: “you gave us updates that were not App Store compliant”

The dispute between Apple and the FBI was the story that marked the start of 2016, but it seems that another dispute will be the protagonist of the summer: Spotify vs. Manzana. Yesterday the undisputed leader in streaming music sent a (public) letter to Apple in which it complained about having rejected its latest update, alleging that those from Cupertino were doing it to harm competition and favor their own service, but Apple's response did not take long to come.

Apple's lawyer, Bruce Sewell was tasked with respond to Spotify in a three-page letter in which he accuses Spotify of talking about « rumors and half-truths », while reminding them that they have been profiting from the App Store since the launch of its iOS application in 2009.

Spotify calls it “rumors and half-truths”

There is no doubt that Spotify has benefited immensely from its partnership with the Apple App Store. Since joining the App Store in 2009, Apple's platform has generated more than 160 million downloads of your app, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for Spotify. This is why we see a problem when you request an exception to the rules we apply to all developers and publicly resort to rumors and half-truths about our service.

But the most interesting thing about Apple's letter to Spotify is that it reminds them that have delivered two updates who broke the rules from the App Store:

During a number of discussions between our team and Spotify, we explained why this login feature does not meet our guidelines and asked you to resubmit a version of the app that meets our guidelines. On June 10, Spotify shipped another app that again incorporated a login feature that prompted App Store customers to submit an email address so they could be contacted directly by Spotify in an ongoing attempt to circumvent our guidelines. The Spotify app was rejected again for trying to circumvent in-app purchasing guidelines and not, as you say, because Spotify is looking to communicate with its customers.

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And if I said before that the most interesting thing about the letter was when they remembered that they had delivered two versions that violated the App Store rules, maybe I was also saying half-. truths. What's probably more interesting is what seems to me to be a veiled threat to delete the current version of the app, reminding them that the version that is currently in the App Store also breaks the rules:

As far as I know, the Spotify app currently on the App Store still violates our guidelines. I'd be happy to facilitate rapid review and approval of your app whenever you submit something to us that complies with App Store policies.

If you wish, you can read the entire letter (in English) on BuzzFeed from THIS LINK. It seems this story is only just beginning.